Five Ways Dental Bonding Can Fix Front Teeth

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Even though our teeth are naturally strong, it is easy to chip a tooth. It doesn't require a sports-related injury or an accident. You can simply crack a tooth on a water fountain, chewing ice, or drinking from a glass. Dental contouring and bonding can repair a chipped or broken tooth to prevent further damage, and even hide tooth discoloration or minor cosmetic flaws. Read on to learn more about this simple, cost-effective smile makeover treatment from our dental experts at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA.

What is dental bonding?

Composite bonding is a simple cosmetic dentistry procedure that uses tooth-colored material to mask or reshape imperfections within the tooth structure. Our dental experts perform dental bonding and contouring to help State College, PA patients correct minor cosmetic flaws with their front teeth or "smile zone" area. This treatment can improve cracks, chips, small gaps, and more. Teeth contouring and bonding requires no tooth enamel preparations, like dental veneers, and, in most cases, can be completed in a single visit to our dental office.

What can dental bonding fix?

At Advanced Dentistry of Centre County, our dental experts will select a shade of composite material to blend seamlessly with your surrounding teeth. The composite dental material will be applied to mask any cosmetic imperfections. A special curing light will then harden it. Once that portion of the procedure is complete, with a creative touch and a keen eye for detail, our dentists will reshape and contour the composite material to replicate your tooth's natural anatomy. Dental bonding is an excellent solution for minor aesthetic imperfections, such as:

1. Tooth discoloration

Dental bonding can mask tooth discoloration. While professional tooth whitening treatments can address dental staining, some types of discoloration are more stubborn. Dark or grey spots due to certain medications or white spots due to fluorosis may require different treatment, like dental bonding.

2. Chips or rough biting edges

If you have a chipped front tooth, dental bonding and contouring can help. A composite material can be molded over the damaged area, thus restoring your smile back to its original appearance.

3. Small spaces or gaps

Dental bonding can make one or several front teeth that surround a small gap wider, closing off the empty space and creating a more uniform appearance.

4. Tooth decay

Today, patients can replace old amalgam or metal fillings with tooth-colored ones – the same composite resin material used for dental bonding procedures. During a consultation, our dental experts will determine if it is the right fit for you to repair cavities or restore old fillings.

5. Tooth imperfection

Dental bonding can increase the size of a tooth. If you have a tooth in your "smile zone" that is shorter than the surrounding teeth, tooth bonding can make them all the same length.

How long does composite bonding last?

Once your dental bonding and contouring treatment is complete, you are free to return to your typical day. Composite bonding material can provide long-term results with proper oral hygiene and care. At Advanced Dentistry of Centre County, our team will supply specific instructions on caring for your composite bonding results. Patients should avoid biting down on hard objects, such as fingernails, pens, ice cubes, or hard candies. With good oral hygiene habits of daily brushing and flossing, along with routine dental visits, patients can enjoy the long-term results this cosmetic dentistry treatment provides.

Are you ready for a smile makeover?

Dental bonding is an excellent and easy way to mask minor cosmetic flaws within the smile zone. Our dental experts offer this cost-effective cosmetic procedure in the comfort of our modern, state-of-the-art dental practice, which requires no tooth preparation or anesthesia. However, if you deal with dental anxiety or fear, we can provide sedation methods when needed. If you would like to learn more, make an appointment with Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA. You can learn more about this popular smile makeover treatment by contacting our office or scheduling an appointment online today.

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