Can Regular Dental Cleanings Help Prevent Cavities?

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Getting your teeth cleaned twice a year not only improves their appearance but also can help prevent oral health issues such as tooth and gum damage and disease.

At Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA, our team of dentists and hygienists ensure that patients have a positive experience during their annual cleanings so they can get proper preventive care.

Keep reading to find out if getting regular dental cleanings can help you prevent cavities.

What's involved in a dental cleaning?

During a dental cleaning, a dental hygienist will use professional cleaning equipment to remove tartar, plaque, and other buildup from the surface of your teeth. They will also polish your teeth to whiten your smile and give you pointers on improving your home care routine. This can include instructions on areas you need to brush or floss more carefully.

In addition, your hygienist can also point out areas that may need more attention, though they will not diagnose cavities. Diagnostics are your dentist's job, and you'll typically combine your annual dental check-up with one of your two cleanings each year.

Can a dental cleaning help prevent cavities?

Yes, dental cleanings help prevent cavities in three important ways:

  1. They help remove the buildup that eats away at teeth and wears down enamel to cause cavities.
  2. They give you insight into which teeth are particularly prone to buildup so you can help prevent cavities at home with regular brushing and flossing.
  3. During a cleaning, your hygienist will demonstrate the proper brushing and flossing techniques for cavity prevention.

While cavities aren't difficult to treat, they can be painful, worsen over time, and spread to other teeth.

You shouldn't feel ashamed to get a cavity. In fact, some people get them even when they take good care of their teeth. But it's crucial that you're willing to get preventive care and keep oral health problems from worsening.

Why is it important to prevent cavities?

By getting ahead of potential cavities, you can avoid root canals, extractions, and other restorative treatments. Preventive treatment saves you time, money, recovery time, and anxiety in the future.

While many dental procedures are far less painful than people imagine (or than they used to be), it's wise to try and avoid them if you can by keeping your teeth, gums, and tongue clean. If you get a cavity, it's best to treat it right away by getting it diagnosed by a dentist who can install a filling. This prevents the tooth from getting further damaged or infected.

If a cavity is bad enough, you may need a tooth extraction. This, too, should be performed as soon as possible so your dentist can restore your smile in a timely manner and with minimal pain and cost. It's never too late to prevent more cavities by protecting your teeth. A dental cleaning will also help ensure your current fillings and restorations are in good shape and let the hygienist refer you to a dentist if there's a problem.

Get a dental cleaning in State College, PA

Almost anyone with teeth – no matter their age – should get their teeth cleaned twice a year. This can help prevent cavities and other decay and damage that can affect your oral and overall health.

To schedule your dental cleaning, contact the team at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA today.

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