Do Cavities In My Child’s Baby Teeth Need to Be Treated?

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It’s a common misconception that the cavities in your child’s baby teeth do not require treatment because they will soon be replaced by adult teeth. It is still necessary to make sure your child’s baby teeth receive the same dental care as adult teeth. The dental team at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA is here to support your child’s pediatric dental care needs.

Prevent root canals and crowns

Children who experience cavities and significant dental issues may require root canals and crowns on their baby teeth. The bacteria that build up from a cavity could infect the gumline, requiring a root canal. Intense pain and swelling may develop in some situations. A suitable filling is necessary for all cavities to prevent them from becoming worse.

Guide the adult teeth

The baby teeth must stay in the child’s mouth as long as possible. The baby teeth will help guide the adult teeth over how they are positioned and how they will grow. Any baby tooth that is prematurely lost or requires pulling could produce orthodontic issues that increase the need for braces or other corrective measures.

Support your child’s nutrition

Your child may not receive the nutritional help one requires if there are cavities in their baby teeth. A child may avoid eating foods that might be hard, including some fruits and vegetables, and will not eat these because of the pains caused by doing so. It becomes harder for a child to manage a healthy diet if he or she is avoiding eating due to tooth pain caused by cavities in their baby teeth.

Prevent possible infections

Sometimes, the bacteria in a cavity can spread to other teeth, thus producing further cavities. Managing multiple cavities throughout the entire mouth can be frustrating, so proper treatment of these cavities is necessary for a child’s protection. The dentists at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA can help you care for your child’s teeth and prevent potential infections from developing.

Avoid speech problems

Cavities can cause a child’s baby teeth to rot, making it harder for some to make various speech sounds. A child’s ability to speak well may be inhibited, as the tongue needs to get in contact with various teeth to create certain sounds. Cavity treatment is necessary for improving how well a child can speak while preventing possible harm in the mouth.

Boost your child’s confidence

Your child will feel more confident when their teeth look their best. Proper dental care is necessary for allowing the teeth to grow, and correcting cavities in the baby teeth makes it easier for the teeth to function properly.

Contact us today for your child’s dental care

Your child’s dental health is essential for a healthy life. Our dentists at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA can review your child’s teeth and correct whatever cavities may appear. Contact us today if you suspect your child has any possible cavities or any other dental care needs. We are dedicated to ensuring your child has healthy teeth.

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