Do I Need an Emergency Root Canal?

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You will require an emergency root canal if you ever have an infection that harms the inside of your tooth. During a root canal, a dentist will remove damaged pulp tissue from your tooth and then apply a filling to seal and strengthen the tooth. The procedure sounds rough, but it is necessary for preserving your tooth and clearing out an infection that may cause tooth loss. Our team at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA can treat your tooth through a root canal.

But you’ll need to know the signs that indicate you may need an emergency root canal. There are a few things to note when determining if you require a root canal.

Contact us right away for help with your tooth if you ever notice these concerns:

Your tooth pain is intense

You will need an emergency root canal if you are experiencing significant tooth pain. The pain can be very sharp and spread into the gums and potentially to other teeth. The pain can also be consistent to where it won’t go away even if you use medications. The irritation is a sign that the tooth has undergone substantial damage and requires extra treatment.

The pain can also become worse when you bite or add pressure to the tooth. The sensation can also add pressure to the jaw.

The tooth appears dark

An infected tooth will appear darker than the others. The damaged pulp inside the tooth will cause the structure to weaken. A darker appearance is a common sign of the tooth becoming weak.

Inflammation to the gums

You may also notice some changes in your gums. Some pimple-like growths may appear on the gums near the teeth. The area could also develop inflammation. The surfaces will feel painful when you touch them.

The most concerning sign in your gums surrounding when you require a root canal involves when the gums become dark. The gums will start to decay if the tooth is dying from the infection.

Abscess develops

Our dentist at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA can check on your jawbone to see if there are any abscesses. An abscess is a common sign where you will require a root canal.

An abscess will appear on an x-ray as a dark spot on the jawbone. The spot shows the jaw not growing because the nearby area is too infected.

Contact us today for our help if you need an emergency root canal

The worry that comes with a root canal can be concerning, but it is a procedure you will require if you ever have an infection in a tooth. Ask us at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA for help with a root canal if you have any of the concerns listed here. Visit us at our location on Sandy Drive for details on how we can serve you.

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