Does a Long-Lasting Toothache Count as a Dental Emergency?

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At Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA, we understand the discomfort and distress caused by a toothache. Toothaches can range from mild sensitivity to severe pain, and they can significantly impact your daily life. Many patients wonder whether a long-lasting toothache should be considered a dental emergency. Let's explore the causes of toothaches, discuss when tooth pain becomes an emergency, and highlight the importance of seeking prompt dental treatment.

What can you do if you have a long-lasting toothache?

When experiencing a toothache, it is important to contact our office as soon as you can. A member of our team can help you plan your visit and may offer a few steps you can take to reduce the pain before arriving at our office. This can include thoroughly cleaning your mouth by gently rinsing it with warm water to remove any debris or food particles causing irritation, or using dental floss to carefully remove any trapped food particles between your teeth to alleviate the pain.

When is tooth pain an emergency?

While not all toothaches are dental emergencies, some situations require immediate attention from a dentist. If you experience any of the following symptoms, contact our office as soon as possible:

Severe, persistent pain: If your toothache is intense and continues for an extended period, it may indicate a severe underlying issue, such as an abscess or infection.

Swelling or fever: Swelling in the face or gums, accompanied by a fever, can be a sign of an infection that requires immediate dental intervention.

Bleeding or discharge: If you notice any discharge or bleeding around the affected tooth, it could indicate an infection or abscess.

Difficulty eating or speaking: A toothache that hinders your eating or speaking ability should be addressed promptly to prevent further complications.

Our dental team is aware that dental emergencies can happen on the weekend. That is why we offer urgent dental care to our State College, PA patients.

Toothache causes and treatment

Toothaches can be caused by various factors, including tooth decay, gum disease, dental abscesses, cracked teeth, and tooth sensitivity. The treatment for a toothache depends on the underlying cause. For instance, if the toothache is due to a cavity, we may need to remove the decayed portion of the tooth and place a dental filling. In cases of infection or abscess, root canal therapy may be necessary to save the tooth. Cracked teeth may require bonding or dental crowns to restore their structure and alleviate pain. During your visit, a member of our team can accurately diagnose the cause of your toothache and provide appropriate treatment.

Seek relief and restore your smile

A long-lasting toothache should not be ignored, as it may indicate an underlying dental issue that requires immediate attention. While some toothaches can be managed temporarily at home, it is crucial to consult with a dental professional to identify the root cause of the pain and receive appropriate treatment. At Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA, our experienced team is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care to address your toothache and improve your oral health. Don't suffer in silence — schedule a consultation with us today to help regain your smile.

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