How Long Should a Dental Exam Take?

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We’re dedicated to you and your family’s health. We know how important it is to schedule regular checkups, but we also understand that dental visits often cause anxiety or dread. So, we make every effort to create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for you and your loved ones. Scheduling an exam today could help you prevent serious dental troubles down the line, saving you time, money, and inconvenience. And you can take the first step toward a brighter dental future by reaching out to us at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA today!

The details of your comprehensive evaluation

Your first visit should last about 90 minutes. Afterward, follow-up consultations and other appointments may be shorter. But it’s tough to always estimate the duration of your dental exams because it depends on many factors. And we always want to give you the best results, care, and attention. We understand you’re busy with family, work, and other obligations, so, for your own scheduling purposes, it’s worth noting that a visit could take between 45 – 90 minutes.

Before you come in for your first visit, please remember to submit your new patient paperwork. During your inaugural exam, our expert team will assess your current status and get to know you, not only as a patient but also as a person. We’ll learn all about your unique needs and review your dental and medical history so we can formulate the best treatment plan for your future oral health.

So, don’t wait! Reach out to us today at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA to explore your options and get your family the top-notch dental care they deserve!

We make every effort to help you achieve optimal oral health

When you come in for a checkup, be it your first visit or a follow-up, our state-of-the-art imaging techniques will help us devise personalized treatment options for you. We’ll take x-rays of your teeth and mouth to give us a clear, detailed view that allows us to detect any structural abnormalities, track dental development, and view the hidden nooks and crannies where germs hide and decay is likely to occur. We can also keep an eye on the goings-on in the hidden regions of your mouth, below the gums, and within the jawbone. And, by checking the structure of your head, neck, and jaw, we can get a jump on any functional complications, such as those affecting your bite, joints, or muscles.

Our detail-attentive hygienists will also check your gums to detect and destroy the bacteria that cause gingivitis, or gum disease. Even those who practice proper oral cleaning habits may be at risk because gingivitis is a sneaky ailment, which progresses imperceptibly. And, if left to do so, it advances to a more severe form known as periodontitis, aka periodontal disease. But with early identification, you’ll have a broader range of treatment options and a better, less-involved, less-expensive outcome.

We also screen for the early signs of more severe diseases, like oral cancer. This abnormal cell proliferation may manifest as irregular growths, lumps, small bumpy spots, sores or lesions, or wound-like areas that do not heal. They occur in various regions, including the lips, gums, soft and hard palates, floor of the mouth, tongue, throat, and salivary glands. And we’ll thoroughly check all these areas at every appointment.

Then, if you have the time, our experienced hygienists will clean and polish your teeth. By removing any built-up bacteria in the form of plaque and tartar (hardened plaque), we can stave off the dreaded gingivitis and periodontitis previously described. And, you’ll leave our office with a dazzlingly shiny smile!

Call or email us today to find out how we can best serve you

We strive to take the anxiety out of the appointment so you and your loved ones can enjoy a more worry-free visit. Monetary concerns shouldn’t hold you back either, as our financial coordinators will inform you of insurance coverage, assist you in selecting one of our flexible payment options, and make dental health as accessible as possible through our loyalty plan.

If you’d like to learn more, contact us at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County. Or visit our office in State College, PA, so our friendly, caring dental team can help you enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile!

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