How Often Do X-Rays Need To Be Taken At the Dentist?

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Dental x-rays are easy for a dentist to administer. Today’s x-ray technology is simple and doesn’t produce immense amounts of radiation like older options. Our team at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA will accurately review your dental needs by completing a thorough x-ray of your teeth and jaw area.

You will need dental x-rays once a year to confirm your oral health. You’ll also need them more often if you have substantial dental problems that require treatment or if you are recovering from treatments.

What is a normal x-ray timeline?

You can get a dental x-ray every year during your annual dental exam. The timing of the x-ray can review potential changes in your teeth, jawline, and other features as your smile evolves.

An x-ray can monitor the root structures of your teeth to confirm they are healthy. The x-ray can also check on possible fractures, stresses, or other concerns in the jaw area. The review will identify potential situations that can be treated before they worsen.

An annual x-ray is necessary because the jawline and teeth aren’t expected to see dramatic changes after a few months. An x-ray can work every few years to review how well your teeth are functioning.

What about special circumstances?

While an annual x-ray can help, you’ll require more frequent dental x-rays if you have noticeable oral health concerns. For example, you might have undergone a surgical procedure that requires reviews every few months.

At Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA, we recommend you visit us every six months or more if you’ve undergone a more substantial dental treatment. You will require an x-ray during each of these visits if you’ve undergone prior procedures.

How does the x-ray work?

You’ll find the dental x-ray procedure to be easier to manage today. Today’s dental x-rays use digital technology that produces less radiation and takes less time. No film is necessary for getting these x-rays ready, making it easier for the results to almost immediately appear on a screen.

A digital x-ray uses a sensor that links to a computer. You’ll have to bite down on a sensor that will link to the x-ray device. The sensor then produces a digital image of the inside of your mouth and the nearby structures. The dentist then reviews the data produced by the x-ray and confirms any possible issues that require help.

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Dental x-rays are necessary at certain appointments with your dentist. They are even more important if you’ve dealt with any dental emergencies in the past.

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