How Soon Can I Drink Coffee After a Dental Cleaning?

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You will appreciate how clean and healthy your teeth feel after you undergo a dental cleaning with us at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA. Our team approach will ensure you receive the excellent care you deserve. Our dental cleaning service will cover all areas of your teeth, plus we can provide a fluoride treatment that can help prevent tooth decay and add extra protection you can trust.

But you might be curious about what you should be doing after the cleaning is complete. We recommend you avoid eating or drinking anything for at least 30 – 60 minutes after your cleaning. The timing should be enough to ensure your teeth can recover from the procedure and keep from feeling sensitive.

The timeframe for when you can drink coffee will be a little longer than this point. You’ll need to spend some extra time before you can drink coffee or any other dark-colored drinks again. We recommend waiting several hours before you consume coffee once again, as doing so too early can be harmful to your teeth.

Why avoid coffee?

Avoiding coffee for hours after your dental cleaning is critical because the dark dyes in coffee can stain your teeth. The dark components can make their way through the enamel in your teeth. The compounds can eventually cause the teeth to become dark and unappealing. Since your teeth will look whiter and healthier following cleaning, you don’t want to ruin the results by getting back to drinking coffee too soon afterward.

What about other additives to coffee?

Our dentists at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA also recommend you avoid drinking anything with added sugar. Coffee with cream and sugar is one such example. The extra sugar you add to your coffee can break apart the fluoride you may receive during your dental cleaning.

A fluoride treatment is necessary for protecting your smile and preventing tooth decay. Drinking coffee or anything with sugar right after a cleaning can break the fluoride apart before it can start working to keep your teeth healthy.

What can I drink after a dental cleaning?

We recommend you look at something safer that doesn’t contain dark colors or sugars after your cleaning. Plain tap water is always safe, especially if it comes from a source treated with fluoride. The added fluoride to the water will protect your teeth and ensure they can continue to feel healthy.

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Our dentists at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA can serve your dental health needs with a thorough cleaning. We recommend undergoing dental cleanings twice a year for your protection. But make sure after visiting us that you watch what you eat and drink and that you don’t go back to drinking coffee too soon after your visit.

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