Prepare For Halloween by Keeping Those Teeth Clean

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Halloween is coming, and you’ll want to keep your smile looking its best for the festivities. Any costume or outfit you wear will be more appealing if your teeth look healthy and clean. You’ll also want to be careful about how many sweets you treat yourself to so you don’t let unwanted cavities set in.

Dental cleanings are necessary for your general dental health. We recommend you request a cleaning every six months on average. You can contact us for help if it’s been a while since your last cleaning. Our team approach at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA will be there to help you with your dental cleaning needs.

How does the dental cleaning process work?

You might be wondering how the cleaning process works before your visit. The practice entails a few sensible steps:

  1. A dentist will use a mirror to review your teeth and gums. The dentist does this to check for various concerns, including gingivitis and oral cancers.
  2. A scaler will go over your teeth to clear off plaque and tartar. These buildups can appear around the gumline, with some of them getting between your teeth.
  3. An electric brush will go over your teeth to deep clean any tartar and plaque left over from the cleaning. The heavy-duty toothpaste that works here feels a little rougher than what you typically use, but it is necessary for keeping your enamel healthy.
  4. A dentist will complete a professional flossing. The practice helps clean between the teeth, plus it identifies situations where spaces in between your gums might be at risk of bleeding.
  5. A rinse is necessary to clear out anything used in the cleaning process.
  6. Your dentist will apply a fluoride treatment to your teeth. The treatment creates a good cover over the teeth that reduce the risk of tooth decay. The material also prevents potential harm from anything you consume during the day.

Why it’s important to receive frequent preventive maintenance

There are many reasons why you’ll require a dental cleaning every couple of months from an expert in State College, PA:

  • Some plaque and tartar materials may be tough to clear through traditional brushing methods.
  • Your teeth may become discolored if you don’t receive the proper treatments every few months.
  • Your dentist can identify possible concerns in your teeth, including cases where there is inflammation or any other concern.
  • A dentist will also find possible signs of oral cancers during a visit. Proper detection is necessary for your health, as it is easier to treat various oral cancers if they are detected in their early stages.

Schedule your dental cleaning appointment with us today

You’ll feel more confident in your smile for the Halloween season when you get a dental cleaning with us at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA. We will check how well your teeth look and feel, and provide treatment that offers the best smile possible for the holiday. Visit us today to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment.

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