What Can I Have Treated From Emergency Dental Care?

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There are many times when dental care cannot wait. Whether it’s a broken or knocked-out tooth, or a filling that becomes dislodged, you’ll need to contact someone you can trust for help. Our experts at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA can help you with all your emergency dental care needs. Here are a few of the problems we can treat if you experience a dental emergency.

Broken teeth

A tooth may develop a substantial crack or chip due to an injury. Whether from an auto wreck or a sports injury, a broken tooth can be dangerous if not treated. The crack could become deeper and reach the gum area if it is not resolved soon enough. An emergency dentist can help fill and fix the crack or chip to prevent the issue from being a more significant problem.

Avulsed teeth

Tooth avulsion is a case where a tooth has been knocked out of its socket. The tooth can still be preserved and inserted back into the gumline, but it will require treatment as soon as possible. The tissue will die off if not cared for and implanted back in the area in time.

Loose fillings or other items

Dental fillings can become loose after a while. A filling that starts leaking can harm the tooth and make it more vulnerable to possible damages. The dental team at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA will help you repair any loose fillings you may experience.

We can also fix various bridges, crowns, and other dental appliances that might break. All these appliances need to stay in their proper places to ensure they remain functional and safe. The best protection is necessary for keeping the area safe.


An abscess can be dangerous if not treated soon enough. An abscess can result in a significant infection in the gumline. The infected area could come from outside bacteria or a blood disorder. The infection can kill off healthy dental tissues if not treated soon enough. Our experts can identify and clear out abscesses to preserve your healthy dental tissues.

Sometimes an abscess will require grafting after the clearing process is complete. The abscess needs treatment for the best results. A graft that comes from your body can help you keep your abscess from being more of a threat.

Tissue lacerations

If a laceration occurs in the gum area, you may experience bleeding. Some of these cuts may be too deep, so they aren’t able to heal without dental care. Emergency treatment to heal the cut and to stop the bleeding will be necessary for preventing the possible damage from becoming worse.

Orthodontic concerns

Orthodontic appliances can break for many reasons. Any cases where wires, brackets, or other items are damaged or broken will require immediate attention to avoid any discomfort. You can ask a dentist to help you resolve any broken orthodontic items to ensure your orthodontic treatment schedule will remain intact.

Where can I find quality emergency dental care in State College, PA?

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact us at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA right away so we can assess your situation. Waiting to see if the problem will resolve on its own will only exacerbate your discomfort and can lead to further damage. Our team approach will help identify the ideal treatment solutions for your needs, ensuring you’ll receive the support necessary for your dental health.

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