What is the Recovery from Dental Implants Like?

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Tooth loss is not an uncommon dental issue for many adults. Thanks to modern advancements in tooth replacement, a dental implant offers patients the opportunity to replace a damaged or lost tooth with a solution that feels and looks like a natural tooth. If you have lost a tooth or been told you need a tooth extraction and are looking to explore your options, dental implants can be an excellent answer to restoring your smile. However, implant-supported restorations are an invasive dental procedure that requires a recovery process. Continue reading this article to learn more about recovery from dental implants and helpful tips to make it a smooth process from our team at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA.

What are dental implants?

Implant dentistry provides flexibility when it comes to tooth replacement, offering a natural-looking solution to overcome a single missing tooth, several missing teeth, or an entire arch. Dental implants can replace missing teeth in the front or back of the mouth. Single dental implants include a titanium post, or screw, that anchors into the jawbone to provide support to a replacement tooth in the form of a custom dental crown. An implant-retained bridge is affixed to a couple of dental implants for a multiple tooth replacement option and to restore a person's oral health. State College, PA patients with total-arch tooth loss can consider full-arch dental implants in both the upper or lower occlusions.

Why might you need dental implants?

Losing natural teeth changes a person's smile in ways that go beyond appearance. When a tooth is lost or extracted, surrounding teeth may begin to migrate into the open space if immediate tooth replacement is not soon pursued. Individuals in need of dental implants usually have a damaged or lost tooth due to periodontal disease, oral injury, or tooth decay. Choosing dental implants with the experts at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County offers patients the chance to put tooth loss behind them and preserve their overall oral health.

Recovery from dental implants and what you can expect

Recovery from dental implant surgery will vary based on the following factors:

  • If the implant adheres to the bone structure properly
  • The number of teeth extracted and implanted (single, multiple, or whole arch)
  • If bone grafting was necessary and performed in conjunction with the dental implant
  • Individual differences on healing and recovering

If you have a single dental implant procedure with no bone grafting, you will likely experience minor bleeding and some swelling and oral pain for the first few days. Pain medication will be prescribed to be used almost immediately after surgery to ease any painful discomfort. For the first 24 hours, the mouth area should be kept extremely clean to reduce the risk of infection. Soft foods are necessary during recovery from dental implants. After about 7 – 10 days, you should be able to get back to your regular diet. However, depending on the extent of your surgery, some patients may need to stick to a soft diet for about six weeks. Our dental experts at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County will discuss what guidelines you should follow prior to your procedure.

Additional tips during recovery from dental implants

After dental implant surgery, you will need to take care of your mouth, so your recovery is easy and quick. Do your best not to disturb the blood clot that needs to form, allowing the dental implant area to heal properly. Aside from following the post-op instructions provided by our team at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County, here are some additional tips:

  • Take the day off after your appointment to get some rest
  • While resting, elevate your head
  • Avoid strenuous activities or heavy lifting for the first few days
  • Gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water
  • Do not smoke or drink from a straw, and avoid spitting
  • Avoid drinking carbonated beverages or alcohol
  • Be careful what you eat and choose soft foods, like applesauce, yogurt, lukewarm soup

Dental implants near me, and finding the right dentist

Dental implants are a great long-term solution to overcome tooth loss and the closest replication to our natural teeth. They closely mimic the structure and relationship that a natural tooth has with the jaw. Dental implants offer State College, PA patients the freedom to enjoy biting, chewing, and smiling with ease again after tooth loss. Implant dentistry offers unparalleled benefits over other replacement options, especially when performed by an experienced dentist. To learn more about dental implants or schedule a tooth replacement consultation, contact our team at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County in State College, PA. We look forward to helping you get your dental health back on track.

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