What to Expect After Dental Implant Surgery

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Dental implants can provide a life-changing boost for millions of Americans missing one or more teeth. Dental implants are attached to the jawbone to remove discomfort and any rocking or slipping that may occur if a synthetic tooth does not have an appropriately firm root.

At Advanced Dentistry of Centre County, we use only the most modern techniques and materials to give you a stunning, natural-looking smile that can restore your function, aesthetics, and confidence.

If you or a family member require an implant, extraction, or other restorative services, don’t hesitate to contact our State College, PA dentist today.

How can a dental implant improve my dental health?

If you’re missing a tooth or currently have dentures or other options that aren't working out as you had hoped, a dental implant can help you regain your comfort and dental function. Thanks to state-of-the-art techniques and our experienced team, you can enjoy long-lasting, natural-looking results with reduced downtime. An implant consists of a metal screw, typically made of tough and resistant titanium, that serves as the root of the dental implant.

It’s affixed to the jawbone to provide stability, and this bond will only become stronger after osseointegration, or the fusing of bone and implant. After we’ve placed the post or posts, you’ll have multiple options for your smile restoration. These options include single implants, implant bridges, implant dentures, or All-on-4® implants to replace an entire arch.

What to expect after dental implant surgery

After your dental implant surgery, the most important thing is that you adhere to your recovery protocol, which we’ll outline based on your specific procedure and unique needs. Rest and relaxation are crucial to achieving the best outcome possible, though the timeline will differ for each patient based on personal factors.

Your recovery period also depends on the type of implant you’ve received. You may experience some light bleeding, as well as swelling, along with discomfort for a few days or so after your procedure, but this shouldn’t cause alarm. If it persists or you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Additionally, to improve your comfort, you may use anti-inflammatory or pain medication. You can also place a cool compress on your face around the affected area. In terms of dietary choices, those who’ve received multiple implants or had an entire arch replaced should stick to soft foods that aren’t too hot or too cold, or items like protein shakes right after their procedure. The less chewing required, the better.

One should also avoid using straws or smoking in the days after their dental implant surgery, as the suction produced could cause further bleeding.

Restore your function and confidence with dental implants

We’re proud to offer you and your loved ones a comprehensive range of implant options based on your unique needs, dental status, and lifestyle factors. No matter which choice is best for you, you’ll benefit from the same uncompromising care and quality at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County.

Our experienced State College, PA dentists would love to help you enjoy the potentially life-changing benefits of a restored smile. So, get in touch with us today to explore your options for improved living through better dental health.

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