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What Is Dental Bonding and Contouring?

Many patients have minor cosmetic flaws in their front teeth that can often be quickly resolved with cosmetic dental bonding and contouring. Dental bonding and contouring is a simple yet effective cosmetic dentistry solution that uses tooth-colored composite material to add, reshape, or mask imperfections within the tooth structure. Our talented and exceptionally skilled general dentists often perform dental bonding and contouring to correct these small cosmetic flaws at our State College, PA practice. For a great treatment option that will fix a chipped tooth in State College, PA, and enhance the look of your smile, make an appointment at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County and see if composite bonding can help you achieve your cosmetic goals!

Who is a good Candidate for Composite Bonding?

Cosmetic dental bonding in State College, PA, can improve chips, gaps, cracks, tooth length, discoloration, and other flaws. Bonding and contouring is a cost-effective cosmetic dental treatment and is normally completed within the convenience of a single visit. This treatment option does not require preparations, like veneers or porcelain restorations; however, it generally does not last quite as long or provide the same level of strength. Bonding and contouring is often ideal for transforming small flaws within the smile zone, including:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Rough or jagged biting edges
  • Small spaces between teeth
  • Irregularly shaped teeth
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Uneven or short teeth

What happens during a bonding and contouring appointment?

Composite bonding and contouring in State College, PA, is typically completed within a single visit to our comfortable, modern office. While you generally will not need anesthesia, sedation methods may be administered if you have any fear or anxiety during dental appointments. As soon as you are ready, our dentists will select the shade of composite material that matches your own enamel shade and apply the material to the areas in need. The composite resin will then be hardened with our dental curing light. Once the bonding process is complete, our dentists will use their advanced skill and artistic eye for detail to shape and contour the composite to replicate natural tooth anatomy. The bonding material will then be polished to blend seamlessly with your teeth and smile.

What is follow-up from composite bonding like?

Once your dental bonding and contouring is placed, you are free to return to your normal daily routine and enjoy your new smile. Our team will provide you with any specific instructions regarding the care of your composite bonding. Composite bonding material can chip and stain — so do not bite hard objects, like ice cubes, fingernails, and pens, and clean your teeth as soon as possible after consuming coffee, tea, tobacco, and similar products. Teeth that have dental bonding should be cared for like natural teeth with daily flossing and brushing. Keeping up with good home care along with regular cleanings with our hygiene team at Advanced Dentistry can help your bonding remain bright and minimize stain accumulation. With good care, bonding and contouring can last up to ten years. Contact us State College, PA, for dental bonding that will improve your smile.

Does insurance cover Dental Bonding and contouring?

Cosmetic dental bonding in State College, PA, is generally an aesthetic procedure and may not be covered under dental insurance plans. Nonetheless, our financial coordinator will review your plan and maximize your benefits to help lower the cost of your visit. At Advanced Dentistry, our goal is to make quality care accessible for every smile. We are pleased to accept a range of affordable payment options and can assist you in applying for flexible financing through CareCredit®.

Bring Confidence to Your Smile

Dental bonding and contouring may be an excellent treatment option if you would like to enhance the appearance of your smile without the time and expense of other cosmetic options. Find out more about dental bonding and contouring in State College, PA, during a consultation with our dentists at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County. Contact our facility to make your appointment and take the first step toward your confident new smile!

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