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What Is a Smile Makeover?

During your life, you may have experienced injuries, dental issues, and other difficulties that have made your smile less than perfect. A smile makeover at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County is a unique treatment plan of restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures that can aid in enhancing the look of your teeth — and the general health of your mouth. While teeth smile makeovers are personalized for each individual, these treatment plans may consist of tooth whitening (at-home or in-office treatments), porcelain veneers, realignment of your teeth, bonding and contouring, and replacing metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings. A custom total dental makeover could also include restorations, such as crowns or dental implants, to fill in gaps in your smile caused by missing teeth. If you want to know more about refreshing your grin to enjoy a confident, healthy, and attractive appearance, make an appointment with one of the talented general dentists at our cutting-edge practice in State College, PA, today to discover your smile makeover treatment options.

Ideal Candidates for a Smile Makeover

The goal of a smile makeover in State College, PA, is to enhance the overall look of your teeth and smile. But many cosmetic dentistry procedures also have restorative benefits and vice versa. Smile makeover treatment may include a combination of two or more dental services that work together to improve the attractiveness, quality, and (often) health of the area of the mouth that shows when you smile. A teeth smile makeover can address a range of dental concerns with procedures that may include:

  • Teeth whitening to minimize stains, discoloration, and yellowing of tooth enamel
  • Composite bonding and contouring to address minor concerns, like uneven edges or gaps
  • Porcelain veneers to conceal chipped, stained, irregularly shaped, or slightly gapped teeth
  • Tooth-colored fillings to repair minor areas of tooth decay or damage or to replace silver fillings
  • Dental crowns to return decayed, broken, or worn teeth to their original size, shape, and color
  • Dental implants or bridges to replace teeth that are missing or that cannot be saved
  • Invisalign or traditional orthodontics to properly align the teeth and correct bite issues
  • Crown lengthening or gum recontouring to eliminate a gummy smile or uneven gum tissue

Before you have smile makeover procedures, our dentists will need to make certain your gum tissues are healthy. If you have signs of gum disease or other dental issues, these concerns may need to be treated prior to moving forward with your dental makeover in State College, PA.

What Is the Treatment Process?

Our dentists will customize your smile makeover treatment in State College, PA, to fulfill your goals and concerns. During your smile consultation, we will talk with you about your personal goals for your smile and the aspects you would like to change. We will then go over exactly what to expect during your treatment process, including the number of visits you may need to achieve your desired outcome. Local anesthesia may be needed during a few of your procedures to enhance your comfort; however, other sedation options can be included if you need help relaxing due to dental worries or anxieties. Throughout your smile makeover, our dentists and team will remain dedicated to your care and comfort and will go above and beyond to help you enjoy a positive dental experience.

After Your Smile Makeover Treatment

Once your total dental makeover is complete, we encourage you to maintain the health and look of your teeth through a good home oral hygiene routine (flossing and brushing thoroughly every day). In addition to home maintenance, it is important to schedule routine dental exams and cleanings at Advanced Dentistry so our dentists can track your oral health. With good care, the results of your smile makeover can last for many years. Touch-up treatments every few years, such as teeth whitening, might help to refresh your results. Our team will offer tips on how to preserve your smile makeover results so that you can continue to enjoy a confident, radiant smile!

Will Insurance Cover a Smile Makeover?

In your consultation, our dentists will develop a smile makeover plan that fits both your goals and budget. Our financial coordinator will then review your insurance plan and determine if any portion of your treatment may be covered. The cosmetic treatments in a smile makeover are typically not covered by dental insurance plans, but partial benefits may be offered for some restorations. Advanced Dentistry accepts several easy payment options and financing plans through CareCredit to help you cover any personal complete dental makeover cost you may have.

Smile Makeover FAQ

What dental procedures are often included in a smile makeover?
When you decide on a total dental makeover, it can be completely customized to fit your need. However, many patients opt for teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, or bonding and contouring.

How old do you need to be to get a smile makeover?
While there's no specific age you need to be to receive cosmetic dentistry service, you shouldn't have any remaining baby teeth. If you have baby teeth, it may compromise the results. If your teen is looking into a teeth smile makeover, we'll follow guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry to create the smile they've always wanted.

How many smile makeover treatments can you get?
There isn't a cap on how many treatments you can receive. The treatments available are dependent on your specific goals. Our dental team will work alongside you to craft a treatment plan that meets them.

Enjoy Your Best Smile Ever

A smile makeover in State College, PA, may be just the solution you need to transform stained, chipped, or misaligned teeth into a smile that exudes confidence and beauty. If there are features about your smile that you would like to change, we invite you to schedule a visit with one of the gifted dentists at our State College, PA practice. Together, we can explore the smile makeover solutions that can help you attain and enjoy your best smile ever. Contact Advanced Dentistry of Centre County today to reserve your appointment.

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