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About Root Canal Therapy

When detected early, tooth decay can often be treated with a filling or other restorative option to strengthen and restore health to the tooth. But when decay or damage spreads beyond the enamel and bacteria access the inner portion (pulp) of the tooth, it may become infected and need a root canal. A type of endodontic treatment, root canal therapy at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County removes the damaged pulp from within the tooth, cleans the center portion and canals, and then uses a filling material to strengthen and seal the tooth. Our expert general dentists are pleased to offer root canal procedures to State College, PA individuals to treat traumatized, cracked, and infected teeth and prevent the infection from affecting other aspects of health.

If you have tooth pain and need root canal therapy in State College, PA, we understand that you may have reservations about this procedure. Though root canals are a routine dental treatment, patients often shy away visiting a dentist for tooth pain because of common fears surrounding root canal therapy. Our dentists and team make their best effort to keep you at ease and relaxed with our gentle, caring approach, but we also provide a number of sedation options to help you relax even further. Call our practice today for a consultation with our dentists for more information on sedation dentistry options and root canal therapy.

When Is a Root Canal Necessary?

Root canals in State College, PA, may be recommended in a number of scenarios, such as when bacteria access the pulp layer through a severe crack, deep cavity, or physical trauma, resulting in internal damage or infection. Some of the most common signs that you may have a tooth infection and require a root canal are:

  • Sharp tooth pain
  • Dull toothache
  • Jaw pain or swelling
  • Darkening of the tooth
  • Bump or blister on the gums
  • Pain upon biting or chewing
  • A feeling of pressure within the jaw
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Abscessed tooth

If the infected pulp is not treated, it may become increasingly painful as the infection spreads into the underlying bone. Untreated infection in a tooth can also lead to systemic illness and concerns along with the need for a tooth extraction and replacement. Please set up an appointment at Advanced Dentistry right away if you feel or see any changes in your mouth.

What To Expect During a Root Canal

Root canals help to relieve tooth pain and other symptoms and reestablish oral health. Having a root canal performed on a tooth is really not much different than receiving a filling or other restoration in terms of comfort. Prior to the procedure, our dentists will talk with you about options for sedation dentistry, if you prefer. Our team understands and empathizes with those who have dental anxieties and will help you make the appropriate decision about your sedation needs.

To perform a root canal in State College, PA, our dentists will numb the tooth and surrounding area with a local anesthetic. They will then assess the innermost part of your tooth and carefully extract the affected pulp through an opening created in the top of the tooth. From there, the inner chamber will be thoroughly cleaned to eliminate any dead pulpal tissue and sterilized. To finalize the therapy, the tooth will be filled with a special material, sealed, and given time to heal.

After the Root Canal Procedure

Depending on the type of sedation that you received, you might need to have a responsible adult drive you home following your appointment. Your mouth may feel tender or swollen following your procedure, but these are normal symptoms and can be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers. Root canals treat tooth infection and help to relieve the pain experienced from this condition. Once your procedure is complete, our dentists will let you know when to visit again for a follow-up evaluation. In most cases, we recommend placing a dental crown on a root canal-treated tooth to protect the tooth structure and restore its functionality.

Insurance Coverage for Endodontic Care

A root canal is a common dental treatment and is often covered in part by many dental insurance plans. After your initial consultation, a member of our financial team will call your insurance provider and review your specific plan. Advanced Dentistry offers an in-house Healthy Smiles Program and is pleased to accept an array of flexible payment solutions to help our patients cover any uninsured portion of their care. Please do not put off dental treatment due to worry over finances. Our team will work with you to help you find an affordable solution. 

Find Relief From Tooth Pain and Infection

Due to advancements in techniques and technologies, today's root canal procedures are performed in a comfortable, pleasant manner. Our dentists are pleased to offer root canal services at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County to eliminate tooth pain, treat tooth infection, and reestablish a healthy, happy smile. Contact our office in State College, PA, and schedule a consultation with our caring team to learn more about root canal therapy and other ways to improve your dental health.

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