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The Benefits of Ridge Preservation

Ridge preservation is a type of bone grafting procedure our general dentists may perform to create proper support for a future dental implant. The process of ridge preservation in our State College, PA office can help to preserve bone volume and jaw structure following the removal of a tooth. Often performed at the time of a dental extraction, ridge preservation adds bone grafting material to fill in the sockets left in the jaw by tooth roots. It can also help maintain the natural look of your facial profile after teeth have been removed. If you are having a tooth extracted, contact Advanced Dentistry in State College, PA, to find out more about ridge preservation and how it can contribute to the future of a healthy, happy smile.

Best Candidates for Care

An ideal candidate for a ridge preservation procedure in our State College, PA office is any person who is having an extraction, especially if a functional tooth is being removed. This treatment option may also be beneficial if you would like to receive a dental implant to replace your tooth. Ridge preservation can decrease the bone atrophy that often occurs following an extraction and can minimize the need for a bone graft in the future. A ridge preservation procedure also works to fill in the extraction socket and maintain bone volume and structure. Before performing a tooth extraction, our dentists will determine if you are a good candidate for ridge preservation following your extraction process. Ridge preservation is likely not needed in the cases of wisdom tooth extractions or the removal of nonfunctional teeth.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Your ridge preservation process will be carried out in one of our comfortable, modern treatment rooms. During your consultation, our dentists in State College, PA, will go over your sedation dentistry choices and help you select the appropriate level based on your procedure and individual needs. Once your tooth is carefully extracted, and to minimize impact to the bone as much as possible, our dentists will begin the ridge preservation process by filling out the vacant socket with the bone grafting material. The area may then be covered with a barrier material and sutured closed. At first, the bone graft material will support the surrounding tissue as it heals, preventing the socket walls from caving in or collapsing. Over time, the material will encourage the regeneration of new tissue and fuse with existing bone to offer the area solid support.

Caring for Your Mouth as You Heal

Our caring team will provide particular recovery instructions following your procedure. You may notice slight swelling or discomfort that may be treated with nonprescription pain relievers and cold compresses to the face if necessary. In the event you experience lasting pain, bleeding, or other concerns, please call our office. A follow-up visit with our dentists in State College, PA, might also be scheduled so that they can assess your healing and determine when you are ready to receive your dental implant.

Is Treatment Covered by Insurance?

Dental insurance plans may cover a portion of the cost for ridge preservation procedures. Our financial team will get in touch with your insurance provider prior to your treatment to evaluate your plan and let you know of any personal responsibilities. To help make your treatment easier to afford, Advanced Dentistry in State College, PA, offers flexible payment plans and an array of other convenient options.

Preserve the Future of Your Healthy Smile

A ridge preservation process at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County functions to protect the vacant extraction socket and promote long-term support for a healthy smile. Bone grafting material used in this procedure can stabilize the jaw structure, promote the regrowth of bone in the socket, and prepare the site for future dental implant placement. To learn more about ridge preservation following a tooth extraction, contact our office in State College, PA, and schedule a consultation with our dentists.

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