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What Is a Sinus Lift?

Replacing missing teeth in the upper jaw with dental implants can prove challenging, especially when tooth loss has occurred in the back of the mouth. Dental implants need a healthy amount of bone, no matter where they are positioned within the mouth. But in the upper molar and premolar regions, implants must also have adequate space to avoid impinging upon the maxillary sinus cavities. In such cases, our State College, PA dentists may perform sinus lift surgery to help patients become candidates for a dental implant procedure. A sinus lift (also called sinus augmentation) gently elevates the sinus floor and adds bone grafting material to create the space and bone volume needed for implant stability. At Advanced Dentistry of Centre County, we complete this innovative procedure using the latest in advanced technologies and precision skills. Schedule a consultation at our comprehensive dental practice to learn if a sinus lift can increase your candidacy for tooth replacement.

Are You a Candidate for Sinus Augmentation?

You may be a good candidate for a sinus lift if you wish to replace upper molar or premolar teeth with dental implants and have:

  • Inadequate bone height in the upper jaw
  • Poor bone quality in the area of tooth loss
  • Sinus cavities that sit in close proximity to tooth roots
  • Exceptionally large sinus cavities
  • Sinus floor expansion following tooth loss

At your treatment consultation with our dentists, advanced digital x-rays will be taken to measure your jaw and sinuses and determine whether a sinus lift is an appropriate course of action to prepare your jaw for a dental implant procedure.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

Sinus lift augmentation is an advanced oral surgery process that is performed in-office by our experienced dentists. After the treatment area has been anesthetized and sedation services administered (if preferred), an incision will be made in the soft tissue toward the back of your mouth. The gums will be gently retracted to reveal the jawbone, and a special instrument will be used to gain access to the sinus cavity. Once the floor of the sinus cavity has been gently raised, we will add bone grafting material, which will serve as scaffolding and support for the new position. In some cases, our dentists may add bone tissue directly to the floor of the sinus cavity, augmenting and increasing bone height and volume to the level necessary for implant support. The gum tissue will then be sutured, and post-treatment instructions for care will be provided.

Recovery Following Sinus Surgery

After your sinus lift, you may be given a prescription for medication to help increase your comfort as you recover. Our staff will also advise you on how to care for your incisions while your gum and bone tissues heal. We will likely schedule a follow-up visit about a week after your sinus surgery for suture removal. Once your bone graft is fully healed and integrated with your jaw, we can then move forward with placing your dental implant, which will generally be about 6 – 9 months later.

Insurance Coverage for Your Treatment

Sinus lift procedures may be covered under some insurance plans. To help minimize your out-of-pocket costs and maximize your coverage, our billing specialists will review your coverage amounts and file claims on your behalf. Advanced Dentistry is proud to be a leading source for affordable dental care and accepts CareCredit, along with other convenient payment solutions.

Elevate Your Implant Success

A sinus lift at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County can be key to overcoming tooth and bone loss in the upper arch and enhancing the long-term results of dental implants. When performed by our skilled and well-trained dentists, sinus surgery and bone grafting can increase your oral health, function, and overall quality of life. For more information on this advanced procedure, please reach out to our State College, PA practice and talk with our knowledgeable team today!

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