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What Is Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a common periodontal plastic surgery procedure we offer to enhance the attractiveness and health of the smile. Performed at the skilled hands of our State College, PA dentists, crown lengthening (also called a gum lift) may come off as an odd name to some since it sounds like it entails adding material to the tooth. A more accurate term would be crown exposure as the procedure removes excess gum (and sometimes bone) tissue to reveal more of the tooth. You may consider crown lengthening for aesthetic reasons, such as to enhance the look of a "gummy" smile or teeth that appear too short. Crown lengthening in a functional capacity may be ideal if you have a damaged tooth that lacks adequate tooth structure to support a dental filling, crown, or another restoration. To learn if you are a candidate for this periodontal treatment option, schedule a consultation at Advanced Dentistry of Centre County. Our team is experienced in crown lengthening and may recommend this treatment to enhance the overall look and health of your smile.

Ideal Candidates for Crown Lengthening

In many cases, crown lengthening is performed for cosmetic reasons to correct a "gummy" smile or remove overgrown or excess gum tissue from around the front teeth. Aesthetic crown lengthening serves to balance the ratio of gum tissue to exposed tooth enamel (the crown portion of a tooth) and provide you a higher, more even gumline. However, functional crown lengthening can also be performed to create adequate space for a dental restoration, especially if an area of damage or decay has occurred near or below the gumline. In such cases, our dentists can uncover more of the tooth and provide a sufficient amount of tooth structure that can hold a filling, crown, or bridge restoration.

How Is Crown Lengthening Performed?

Before the procedure starts, a local anesthetic will be used to numb the treatment area and enhance your comfort. You can talk about other sedation dentistry options with our team at your consultation if you feel you may need help remaining calm and relaxed during the procedure. Once your mouth is prepared, excess gum tissue will be gently and gradually removed to expose more of your enamel and aesthetically frame your teeth or tooth designated for restorative care. In some cases, we may remove a small amount of bone tissue to help enhance your results. Your gumline will be then sculpted for a lifted and even look.

Following Your Gum Lift Procedure

Following your crown lengthening procedure, you may notice minor gum tenderness and swelling. Nonprescription pain relievers can be utilized to minimize your discomfort. You may prefer to stick to a liquid or soft food diet for a few days while you recover from your gum lift. Our staff will advise you on how to best care for your teeth and gums during the healing phase. In some cases, we may recommend a follow-up appointment at Advanced Dentistry to track your healing. We will also monitor your gums and overall oral health at your routine dental checkups.

Does Insurance Cover Crown Lengthening?

Dental insurance plans may cover a portion of crown lengthening procedures, depending on why the treatment is being performed. In any event, our financial team will contact your insurer to determine what any out-of-pocket expenses might be before the day of your treatment. Advanced Dentistry offers a range of payment options, including low-interest CareCredit financing, which can help make your treatment more convenient and affordable.

Gain a Confident, Healthier Grin

Transform the cosmetic appearance and health of your smile through the benefits of crown lengthening offered by Advanced Dentistry of Centre County. By eliminating gum and bone tissue, our dentists can enhance the look of a "gummy" smile or prep your mouth for a restoration. Schedule a consultation at our State College, PA practice to learn if you are a candidate for aesthetic or functional crown lengthening services.

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